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Can a Spanish Speaker Understand Sicilian, Neapolitan and Venetian? Italian Languages

Can a Spanish speaker understand Sicilian, Neapolitan and Venetian? Today we are going to answer this question! Don’t forget to participate in this challenge

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This is part of the series “Can a Spanish speaker understand languages and beyond?” We are going to explore how these Italian languages compare to Spanish, and how much I can understand. Comment below how you do with this ultimate challenge.


What’s up guys!
Today I an going to see how much I as a Spanish speaker understand three Italian languages.
Sicilian, Venetian and Neapolitan. I am going to rank them from 1-5 to see how much I understand. I challenge you to listen to these languages and comment below your scores. Don’t forget to include where you are from and what languages you speak.
And don’t forget this is part of a series featuring Romance languages and beyond.
Sicilian vs. Spanish
We are gonna start with Sicilian the language from the Island of Sicily and some southern regions of Italy! This language is a very Mediterranean language that has been influenced by many languages including, local indigenous languages, Greek, Arabic and Latin.
Before jumping into listening I want to say that Sicilian is not a type of Italian, in fact Sicialian predates Italian and we know it today.
Neapolitan vs. Spanish

Next we move to the former kingdom of Naples, adopted home of the late legend and my tocayo Diego Maradona.Neapolitan is spoken by about 7.5 million people and it is related to but not mutually intelligible with Italian. It is spoken in several regions of the south of Italy, and its origin dates back to the times of Pompei

Venetian vs. Spanish
In regards of Venetian Language there is a big controversy about whether it is a separate language. Many people argue it is a dialect of Italian. Venetian is spoken in the region of Veneto by 5 million speakers. It used to be a very prestigious language in the times of the Republic of Venice, and even today some companies use Venetian in ads to give a venetian flavor.
But let’s check it out

Alright guys! Don’t forget to comment below your scores for this challenge and anything additional you may know about these languages! GIve us a like and don’t forget to smash the subscribe button! Arrivederchi!

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