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Galician vs Portuguese | Can they understand it? feat. @olaxonmario

❗️❗️ TRIGGER WARNING: In this video, we discuss words related to LGBT+ across languages, and in the context of a discussion about language, you will hear words that are considered offensive. If you think, hearing them may hurt you please skip this part of the video. Our intention is to start a discussion about language, and not to hurt anyone. 🌈🙏🏼

Galician vs Portuguese speakers | Are Galician and Portuguese mutually intelligible? - we play a language game to find out. The participants speak Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese to see if that makes any difference. Let us know if you are able to understand the Galician language!

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📝 Contact details for the guests of the show are:

🤓 Mario The Galician speaker:
🎥YouTube Channel →@olaxonmario
📱Instagram: @olaxonmario (Herr Mario)

🔴 Nigai San - content creator and translator
🎥YouTube Channel → https://www.youtube.com/nigaisan
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🔴 Joana Madzestes - singer, songwriter, content creator
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🔴 Catarina Rola 🙏🏽
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Видео Galician vs Portuguese | Can they understand it? feat. @olaxonmario канала Ecolinguist
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