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French Language | Can Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speakers understand it?

Are Romance languages mutually intelligible? In this episode of Romance languages comparison, we're going to answer the question: Can Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speakers understand the French language? To find out I invited 4 guests to the show and we're going to run a word guessing game. #French

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Contact details for the guests of the show are:

Tom Gauthier - French teacher from France
🇫🇷🎥YouTube Channel: @apprendreunelangue → https://youtube.com/apprendreunelangue
📱Instagram: @tomgauthie

Linda Riolo - Italian language teacher and podcaster.
🎥YouTube Channel: Speak Italiano - Italian with Linda
🎤Podcast for Italian learners: https://speakitaliano.org/
📱Instagram: @italianwithlinda

​Gustavo Rangel - Brazilian Portuguese speaker, English teacher from Brazil
🎥YouTube Channel: @Gustavo Rangel
🇺🇸Website for English learners: https://gustavorangel.com.br/
🇺🇸for 🇧🇷Gustavo's English Online Course for Portuguese Speakers: https://go.goforit.vip/curso
📱Instagram: @goforitcourses https://instagram.com/goforitcourses?igshid=d7s0c2g4vlci

Isidor Morales - Mexican Spanish speaker, a Spanish teacher from Mexico
🇲🇽Spanish lessons with Isidor: https://www.italki.com/teacher/4120452/spanish
You get $10 Dollars towards your lessons on italki by signing up using the following link: https://www.italki.com/i/ACBGGA
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RRRrrrr!!! Director Alain Chabat, 2004, YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af4R_4qbFXg

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