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Čeština pro Slovany. Česky s Norbertem a Vítem. Lekce #8. Co umíš?

In this video we cover 5 Czech verbs: to know how, to play, to exercise, to run, to have to, to learn, to see, to hear. We practice them in a spontaneous conversation.
The lesson is meant to provide comprehensible input for all Czech learners. Although we talk about the basics it's all in Czech so it's a great listening practice for all.
If you’re are a speaker of Polish or other Slavic languages this lesson might be particularly useful to you. Just make a cup of tea, sit down and learn along with me. You may want to have a notebook at hand to take notes.

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Видео Čeština pro Slovany. Česky s Norbertem a Vítem. Lekce #8. Co umíš? канала Ecolinguist
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