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Argentinian Slang vs Italian Speakers | Can they understand it?

Lunfardo is an Argentinian slang - an argot originated and developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the lower classes in Buenos Aires. In this video, we play a language game to look for similarities between Argentinian Spanish slang and the Italian language/languages. The participants of the game come from different regions of Italy and apart from Italian they also speak their local dialects. We came to some interesting conclusions, join in the discussion in the comments below. 🤓

🧐 Notes from Augusto regarding his transcription:
*re: common intensifier (“very”) for Lunfardo. I would have normally said this if talking to other Argentines.
*medio: common downtoner (“a bit”) for Lunfardo (maybe Spanish). I would have normally said this if talking to other Spanish speakers.
*una banda de: less common alternative meaning “many”.

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Contact details for the guests of the show are:

🤓The host of today's show: Augusto Daro, Twitter: @AugustoDaro

✍🏼Andrea Zoller - Russian Italian translator
📱Instagram: @zollerovitch

🤓 Claudio Di Domenico - the Abruzzese speaker
📱Instagram: @cladd168

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