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Small Towns in Italy vs. Big Cities. Visit Fiuggi!

Are small towns in Italy a must see or is it better to visit the big cities like Rome, Florence or Venice? If it's your first time in Italy, can you find the time to see small towns and see the Colosseum in Rome, the Uffizi in Florence and the canals in Venice? Or would you forfeit these places in favor of the small towns in Italy? This greatly depends on the kind of traveler you are and if you have no desire to be a big city with lots of tourists. If this is you then a small town might be a good idea for your first time in Italy. However given that a lot of people visit Italy possibly only once in their lives, do you really want to not see some of the more famous landmarks in Italy?

Time is also a big factor which I strangely didn't mention in this video! 😁😁😁. Yeah, do you have TIME to see these small places after you've seen RomeFlorenceVenice?

In this video I use my weekend in Fiuggi as an example. It wasn't the absolute best small town in Italy that I have been to, but I hadn't been outside of Rome for a good 10 months. So, it was a nice reminder as to why I like visiting these Italy hidden gems. The best way to get to a town like Fiuggi is by car because it simply gives you more access to places that are lacking in public transportation or places only accessible by car. Fiuggi città, the old part is an example.

Watch out for speed cameras!

If you're traveling to Italy with toddlers, preparation is key! We want our little tykes as comfy as possible, right??

COVID: We still had to wear masks in Fiuggi and at our hotel, but it wasn't that bad. If you're wondering what travel conditions are like to come to Italy, the best thing to do is to check official sources, namely your airline and official government sources. This greatly depends on your country of origin which then determines if you'll be allowed into Italy and if you'll even need to quarantine. Things appear to be getting better by the month, but we'll see what happens in the coming months!


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00:00 intro
00:17 1st time in Italy? Small towns?
00:55 why I like small towns
01:16 The Real Italy
01:56 Sicily and Piazza Armerina
02:10 Weekend in Fiuggi
02:40 The two parts of Fiuggi
02:50 Hotel Silva Splendid
03:39 Baby crying?
03:48 Hot springs in Fiuggi
04:03 Exploring Fiuggi
05:10 Fiuggi città/the old part
06:21 Ciociaria
07:04 How do you get there?
07:28 driving to Fiuggi
08:35 best time to travel
09:02 traveling with children
09:23 Covid and Italy

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Trains in Italy: www.trenitalia.com
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