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The Italian Christmas Cake You Don't Know: PANDORO

Panettone, the Italian Christmas cake, has made it's way outside of Italy -- but its equally delicious cousin, pandoro, is still almost entirely unknown outside of Italy. Let's remedy that right now!

Both pandoro and panettone are in the Italian Christmas tradition, and they are both leavened, VERY enriched doughs. Panettone includes candied fruits and nuts, and pandoro has an emphasis on a vanilla flavor and no chunks inside.

I start this video with a quick intro about the prevalence of both of them in Italy... and then I take a closer look at pandoro, to introduce you to this delightful treat!!

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In this video I go to LuLa -- the culinary laboratory in Trani, Italy, and the brainchild of Luca Lacalamita (formerly pastry chef at El Bulli and other haute cuisine restaurants). He gives us the rundown of what makes an excellent pandoro.

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Thanks to Fabio Pengo and Ivan (my Italian tutor over at iTalki.com)

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