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Agriturismo in Italy - Amazing Wine Vacation

Some people may call Friuli a "hidden gem" of a wine region in Italy, but anyone who is a hardcore wine lover knows that it's a "no duh!" outstanding place, famous for its white wines. For me, Friuli has become my favorite place to travel to in Italy (and not just for the wines!!) -- and much of the reason is because of Comelli winery in Colloredo (a small village in Friuli, Italy).

Watch the video to see why this area of the world is so epic, why their wines are so outstanding, and how the family teamwork and pride behind the wines that come out of Comelli winery are so special.

Follow Comelli winery on Instagram: @comellipaolino
Here's their website: http://www.comelli.it/en

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--Produced, filmed, edited and hosted by Katie Quinn--
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