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Making Sourdough Pizza in Italy

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I hope you enjoy making sourdough pizza as much as I do -- it's become a beloved ritual in our home! If you want this recipe written out (plus more ideas for toppings, etc.) STAY TUNED for my upcoming SOURDOUGH PIZZA E-BOOK....which will be FREE when you preorder my book, "Cheese, Wine, & Bread" -- publishing April 2021. The e-book will be available soon! And yes, you can pre-order the book NOW and still get the e-book when it's released soon! (I'll keep this description box updated, FYI)

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Hi there, friends! My name is Katie and I'm a video journalist & food enthusiast. On this channel I make videos about life and delicious things. I post every week, and of course, I #keepitquirky :)

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