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Video: It's been over four months since we moved from London to southern Italy, and you've asked me A LOT of great questions. Well, here's some answers!
- timestamps -
0:00 intro
0:42 apertivo time!
1:50 Q1: Eggs in the fridge!?
2:00 Q2: Why did I move here?
2:51 Q3: Why Puglia?
3:47 Q4: What are you going to do there?
4:41 Q5: Experiences and challenges
5:44 Q6: What it's like to be American in Italy?
6:47 Q7: The moving process and citizenship
7:11 Q8: Who we used for the process. (more on that below)
7:44 Q9: How I got my ancestor's birth certificates
8:42 Q10: FREE Pizza e-book details
8:59 Q11: Why life in Italy is THE BEST.

OK here's the info for The Italian Passport (https://www.theitalianpassport.com/).
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A bit about me: My name is Katie Quinn and I'm a video journalist, writer, and food enthusiast living in southern Italy. On this channel I make videos about life, travel and delicious things. I post every week, and of course, I #keepitquirky :)

Видео WHY I MOVED TO ITALY - Q&A канала qkatie
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