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Elvis Presley - Don't Cry Daddy - 24 July Rehearsal Versions

Amongst the ten new songs introduced to his set list during his season opening Las Vegas show of 26 January 1970 were three songs recorded at American Sound in Memphis the previous year and these complemented the two retained from his August 1969 engagement. The three songs were Kentucky Rain, True Love Travels on A Gravel Road and Don't Cry Daddy and the two from August 69 were Suspicious Minds and In The Ghetto.

Of the three introduced during said opening show, only "Don't Cry Daddy" would be retained for inclusion on the set list as his August 1970 engagement began in front of MGM's cameras. The song was featured in both the 24 July 1970 Hollywood rehearsal and during the 4 August Las Vegas rehearsal where is was heard segued in a medley with "In The Ghetto" for the first time.

Evidence to date suggests that it was featured just once during the August 1970 Las Vegas engagement, during the 13 August dinner show where it was featured as the medley rehearsed on 4 August.

This 24 July 1970 Hollywood rehearsal version sees Elvis sing the song with the band sticking to the arrangement from the previous Las Vegas and Houston engagements and despite some lighter moments, these are excellent versions and the first could easily be mistaken for a genuine recording session outtake. The second however, sees Elvis slide into full Elvis humour mode and there is some amusing adlibs contained therein.

The song itself was composed by legendary songwriter Mac Davis and Elvis recorded the studio master in Memphis on 21 January 1969.
As with all of these videos, to get the most out of the audio, I highly recommend you use ear /headphones and turn the volume up as much as you dare!

Видео Elvis Presley - Don't Cry Daddy - 24 July Rehearsal Versions канала The Ultimate Elvis Channel by Leon
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