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Elvis Presley - Twenty Days and Twenty Nights - 7 August 1970 (Stage rehearsal with new audio)

It appears that Elvis only performed 'Twenty Days and Twenty Nights' once on stage and that was during the dinner show of 12 August 1970, show four of the season.
Elvis had recorded it in the studio just two months earlier on 4 June 1970 in Nashville and the song has the distinction of being the very first song recorded on the very first day of what would become known as 'The Nashville Marathon'.
This recording session produced some of the best recordings of Elvis' career and would produce three albums two of which are considered by many mainstream critics as two of his finest - Elvis Country and That's The Way It Is, the album in which 'Twenty Days' appeared.
In my opinion, as much as the song is not really hit material but more of an album track, it exemplifies what was the new mature Elvis Presley. Having reinvented himself through the 'Singer Presents Elvis' TV special, the Memphis 69 sessions and two seasons in Las Vegas his voice had now fully matured and now the material he was recording was following suit.
Only the Elvis of 1970 onwards could have pulled off a song like 'Twenty Days', such was it's mature narrative citing leaving a wife and unpaid bills whilst harbouring feelings of loneliness and regret. The Elvis of the 1950's or 60's could not have sung such material with the same level of credibility or in such a convincing matter.
The original 1970 TTWII movie contained no trace of the song and it was not until 'The Lost Performances' was released in 1992 that anyone other than those present at the show knew that Elvis had performed the song in Vegas that season or that it had been filmed.
The 2001 re-edited movie, however, used the song as a means of moving the film on by using a composite of the Culver City rehearsal of 15 July and The Sweet Inspirations and The Imperials rehearsing their backing vocals to Elvis' studio master in the International Hotel under the supervision of Elvis' producer, Felton Jarvis.
It is such a shame that this was chosen over the previously released live version of 12 August DS or this still unreleased stage rehearsal of 7 August, which shows Elvis as the consummate professional as he makes sure that the band and orchestra have the ending right, not to mention it is a very good rendition.
As with all of these videos, to get the most out of the re-edited audio, I highly recommend you use ear /headphones and turn the volume up as much as you dare!

Видео Elvis Presley - Twenty Days and Twenty Nights - 7 August 1970 (Stage rehearsal with new audio) канала The Ultimate Elvis Channel by Leon
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