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Mussomeli 1 euro house tour 2019

It's about time we look at some of the properties I was able to tour while searching for my 1 euro home project. I will show a few examples of 1 euro houses that range from heavy renovations to more than slight fixer uppers. I by no means have shown all the properties available, but you can get an idea of what the properties conditions are from the examples shown.

I am sharing this video to inform interested parties (including myself) and ask that you respect the community and everyone working for it, as they are going through great strides to give new life to their beloved town. Negative comments about the properties won't be tolerated due to the fact that negativity rots our society and we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down. Positive, creative minds are free to comment with my thanks.

The women from Immobiliare Siciliana that showed me these properties were kind enough to let me video the properties and I appreciate their guidance and professionalism. If you are seriously interested, feel free to contact me for help getting in touch with them, but their website does contain the needed information.

Видео Mussomeli 1 euro house tour 2019 канала DauvO
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