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How to remodel an italian villa for free in 2020

So I titled this video remodel for free, but honestly, it's better than that!

Almost immediately after I shared the last video about how you can save 90% on your Italian remodel in 2020, a new decree was released due to current events increasing that number to 110% cash back through a tax credit here in Italy. If you play your cards right, that Italian villa remodel you've been dreaming of could turn into a new income stream. Well for about 5 years since this is the amount of time Italy intends to take to reimburse your 2020 remodel budget.

Italy hopes it will boost the economy by helping homeowners improve their homes energy efficiency as well as seismic stability. If that wasn't all they're also allowing improvements to the facade. It could even be applied to a 1 euro home renovation with the correct circumstances.

I invited Andrea Papitto with Esentaxa to give some advice that will help me plan my future facade and roof remodel. It looks like I'll be looking into some solar panel solutions as well!

Don't try to tackle this budget calculation on your own however. It takes an experienced engineer to lead the way in order to follow the guidelines that will be established by the tax agency in late July 2020.

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0:00 Intro
1:34 When was the 110% incentive announced
2:58 Who is the incentive for?
4:39 What kind of remodels does it cover?
7:45 What is the deadline for the tax incentive?
8:25 What if I don't finish before the deadline?
9:20 What is the process?
13:26 When is the incentive received?
15:25 Are there any other advantages?
17:00 Cashless Italy
18:40 Is there a limit on the incentive?
19:20 Who can help?
20:16 When can I start the remodel?
21:42 Does this incentive work for non-residents?
24:31 Esentaxa

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