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How a FIRE seeker from Idaho moved to Italy and found financial freedom

I've avoided it forever, but it is time to tell the story. My story. I never claim that my path is the best path or a perfect path, but I have experienced financial freedom. You might be surprised to hear that the it wasn't while I was living in America. I discovered my first taste of financial freedom after moving to Italy in 2013.

Often, in America, we get caught up in the rat race of life and can be influenced to make decisions that impact our financial well-being before we even understand it. I am happy to share a bit of positivity and hope that you can relate as I share who some of my mentors are.

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0:00 Intro
0:52 It's my Birthday
1:39 I'm an Introvert
2:06 Reasons I started this Channel
3:20 My birthday resolution
3:44 My jobs in Italy
4:36 If you're not happy, change
5:33 I created my situation
6:09 Apply your passion
6:36 I'm not an actor
7:10 Being myself
7:36 My occupations
8:00 I met a girl
8:33 Why I live in Italy
9:12 I wanted to buy
10:02 Finding a solution
10:32 Home discovery
11:02 The nestegg
11:17 The FIRE movement
12:25 Why I want to share
12:44 My mentors
13:29 My interests
13:45 The future of this channel
15:13 Why you should subscribe
15:51 End Screen

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Pat Flynn

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Cash Flow Quadrants


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