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Cheap 1 Dollar Houses In Italy | Property Tours - Episode 3

So I came to Italy, Sicily to be exact, to buy some houses for $1. In this video I tour the euro homes In Mussomeli as well as the premium listings. You will get to see exactly what a euro gets you in italy and decided if its the right project for you. In this video you will see which two properties I selected and why.

A little background on Mussomeli. Mussomeli is a small town in the countryside of Sicily. It is about 100km from the coast. The city was settled in the 1400-1600s so these properties are hundreds of years old. The city has seen a shrinking population as the younger generations opt to move to the big city of Palermo for studies or work or even leave Italy all together. That saying one man's trash is another' treasure couldn't be more true. You see in the eyes of the locals they would rather live in the new side of town since that side was constructed for modern living. Homes have parking spots and better layouts. But for this American boy, I want a property that looks like something out of the god father or DaVinci's sketches. So these old crappy homes are gold to me!

So what's my plan with these properties... I plan on making both of these one euro properties my vacation homes. I will be able to stay with my family, while inviting friends to come along. It's such a nice break from the busy city life and sure to be stunning in the summer. When I am not there I will host the property on airbnb to generate some income. My guess is that foreigners shopping for euro homes and folks visiting their families would be my guest. At $40 a night my return on investment should be rapid.

Thinking Of Hosting On Airbnb Use This Link To Get Started - http://bit.ly/starthostingAIRBNB

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What You Will Learn In This Video
Buying Real Estate In Italy
Buying Euro Home In Italy
Tour of Mussomeli Italy
Scala Dei Turchi
Valley of the temples Sicily

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