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SOCIALISM: An In-Depth Explanation

Socialism, explained through time.

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0:00 Intro
01:23 An Overview
03:48 Early Socialism
13:20 Karl Marx & Communism
29:12 Revisionism
35:15 Vladimir Lenin
42:47 Democratic Socialism
47:01 Conclusion


Socialism: Michael Harrington
Socialist Thought: Albert Fried & Ronald Sanders
Socialism 1.0: Edited by Kirk Watson
The Social Contract & Discourse On Inequality: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
A New World Begins: Jeremy Popkin
A History Of Western Philosophy: Bertrand Russell
Proposed Roads To Freedom: Bertrand Russell
Heaven On Earth: Joshua Muravchik
Timaeus: Plato
Phaedo: Plato
The Metaphysics: Aristotle
The Open Society And Its Enemies: Karl Popper
The Philosophy Of History: Georg Hegel
The Communist Manifesto: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
The Poverty Of Philosophy: Karl Marx
A Contribution To The Critique Of The Political Economy: Karl Marx
Karl Marx: Jonathan Sperber
Communism: Harold Laski
Critique Of The Gotha Program: Karl Marx
Capital: Karl Marx
Reform Or Revolution: Rosa Luxemburg
Evolutionary Socialism: Eduard Bernstein
What Is To Be Done?: Vladimir Lenin
A People's Tragedy: Orlando Figes
The Primacy Of Politics: Sheri Berman

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