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Chinese vs. American Political Philosophy

A comparison of Chinese political thinking against American political thinking, focusing primarily on China.

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0:00 Intro
01:47 The Basics
05:29 Confucianism
08:02 The CCP
10:52 The Left and the Right
13:33 Linear vs. Lateral Thinking
22:19 War
23:57 Outro


The Analects - Confucius
The Art Of War - Sun Tzu
The Governance Of China - Xi Jinping
The Selected Works Of Mao Zedong - Mao Zedong
On China - Henry Kissinger
The American Political Tradition - Richard Hofstadter
China In The 21st Century - Jeffrey Wasserstrom
The Party - Richard McGregor
Culture Hacks - Richard Conrad
Has China Won? - Kishore Mahbubani

Theme music: Double Soul - Unfinished Sympathy

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