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What Is Marxism?

An explanation of classical Marxism, followed by an explanation of the general term 'Marxism.'

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Private Property
10:18 Historical Materialism
19:49 Communism
25:51 Totalitarianism
29:00 Adaptations of Marxism
30:00 What Is Marxism?


Two Treatises Of Government: John Locke
Economic And Philosophical Manuscripts Of 1844: Karl Marx
Capital: Karl Marx
The Communist Manifesto: Karl Marx & Frederick Engels
Socialism: Utopian and Scientific - Frederick Engels
The Principles Of Communism: Frederick Engels
The German Ideology: Karl Marx
Karl Marx's Funeral - Frederick Engels
The Poverty Of Philosophy: Karl Marx
Anti-Duhring: Frederick Engels
Critique Of The Gotha Program - Karl Marx
Karl Marx: Isaiah Berlin
Karl Marx: A Nineteenth Century Life: Jonathan Spencer
A History Of Western Philosophy: Bertrand Russell
Letter From Engels To August Bebel 1884 - Frederick Engels
The Open Society And Its Enemies: Karl Popper

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