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Was the News Ever Unbiased?

The story of the 'golden age' of news and the subsequent fall.

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0:00 Intro
0:52 Public Manipulation
02:11 Radio
04:18 The Rise Of Television
06:14 Principles In Journalism
07:25 Examples
14:33 Exceptions
15:48 What Happened Since
20:36 Conclusion


Public Opinion - Walter Lippmann
On Press - Matthew Pressman
That's The Way It Is - Charles L. Ponce De Leon
American Television News - Steve M. Barkin
The Underdeveloped Profession - Irving Kristol
A Free And Responsible Press - The Commission On Freedom Of The Press
Edward R. Murrow And The Birth of Broadcast Journalism - Bob Edwards
Post-Truth - Lee McIntyre

Видео Was the News Ever Unbiased? канала Ryan Chapman
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