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Annual Profections: A Basic Time-Lord Technique

An introduction to the ancient Hellenistic time-lord technique called annual profections.

The lecture begins by introducing the concept of time-lord techniques, before proceeding with a detailed treatment of how to use the basic method of annual profections in order to make yearly forecasts and predictions, starting from the day of a person's birthday or solar return.

This is the video version of episode 153 of The Astrology Podcast, presented by Chris Brennan.

See the description page on the podcast website for more info on this episode:


To learn more about profections see my online course on Hellenistic astrology:


I also have a more detailed 9-hour lecture on annual profections available separate from the course as a standalone class:


If you have any questions let me know in the comments section below!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:03:45 Time-Lord Techniques
00:07:41 Annual Profections overview
00:11:45 Calculating Annual Profections
00:17:04 Rulership Scheme
00:18:28 Whole sign houses
00:20:17 Activating the house
00:22:20 House topics
00:25:50 2nd house profection - Lisa Marie Presley
00:28:00 3rd house profection - Robert Kennedy
00:29:33 4th house profection
00:31:15 Planets in the house activated
00:38:25 Lisa Marie Presley modifying factor #1
00:42:04 Positive 7th house profection
00:43:10 Difficult 7th house profection - Joe Biden
00:45:35 Importance of Sect
00:52:55 Lisa Marie Presley modifying factor #2
00:54:30 Positive 7th house profection modifying factor
00:55:50 Difficult 7th house profection modifying factor
00:57:59 10th house profection - Charlie Sheen
01:01:02 The Lord of the Year
01:07:13 Robert Kennedy modifying factor
01:11:15 2nd house profection year example
01:14:45 9th & 10th house profection - Vanessa Williams
01:19:10 Conditions of the Lord of the Year
01:22:18 Mitigating conditions
01:25:12 Significations of the house of the lord of the year
01:27:50 Lisa Marie Presley - Ruler of 2nd in 8th
01:29:24 Steve Wozniak - Ruler of 2nd in 11th
01:32:03 8th house profection - Ted Kennedy
01:32:55 9th house profection and Ruler of 9th in 4th
01:33:46 12 year repetitions
01:38:07 Hillary Clinton 10th house repetitions
01:45:39 Activation of Transits
01:51:25 4th house profection example
01:53:05 7th house profection - George Lucas
01:56:22 Advanced Method of Profections
01:58:43 Concluding Remarks
02:01:46 Research for Further Study
02:06:18 Articles on Profections

Видео Annual Profections: A Basic Time-Lord Technique канала The Astrology Podcast
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