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Zodiacal Releasing: An Ancient Timing Technique

A detailed introduction to an ancient timing technique called zodiacal releasing, which divides a person's life into chapters, and helps to establish your overall life story.

Zodiacal releasing is a Hellenistic time-lord technique that was recently recovered from the work of the 2nd century astrologer Vettius Valens.

This is episode 192 of The Astrology Podcast, with Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim.

You can calculate your zodiacal releasing periods here:


Here is another simple calculator:


And a visual calculator:


My full 18-hour class on zodiacal releasing:


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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:11 Intentions with the Discussion
00:02:52 Time-Lord Techniques and Their Discovery
00:12:04 Time-Lord Techniques and Their Distinction from Transits
00:16:28 Discovering and Defining Zodiacal Releasing
00:30:42 Calculating Arabic Parts or Lots: Lot of Fortune, Lot of Spirit, and Lot of Eros
00:36:59 Installing Solar Fire Chart design layout
00:39:42 Calculating Zodiacal Releasing
00:43:07 Diagram: Periodic years for each sign
00:47:27 Greek name of Zodiacal Releasing - aphesis: "letting go, releasing"
00:56:03 Defines 360 day year / 30 day month
00:57:06 Level 2 Sub-periods
00:59:20 Losing the Bond Diagram (explaining sub-periods)
01:02:49 Levels 3 ("weeks" of 2.5 days (1/12 of Level 2))
01:03:03 Levels 4 ("days" of 5 hours (1/12 of Level 3))
01:04:15 Focus on Level 1 and 2
01:06:31 Spirit and Fortune are in the same sign
01:09:05 Software Programs for Calculating Zodiacal Releasing
01:12:00 Websites for Calculating Zodiacal Releasing
01:15:25 Graphical display of periods (nataltransits.com)
01:18:53 Peak periods
01:19:39 Lot of Fortune sign activation & angles
01:20:31 Angles from the Lot of Fortune Diagram (peak periods)
01:35:30 Al Gore & George W. Bush (2000 election) example
01:36:05 Chart of George W. Bush
01:40:00 Chart of Al Gore
01:54:46 Chart of Al Gore
01:57:49 Chart of George Lucas
02:00:13 Chart of Robert Downey Jr.
02:02:24 Chart of Demetra George
02:02:56 Chart of Justin Bieber
02:11:00 The element of luck
02:12:55 Study past chronology to establish future trajectory
02:14:00 Example of short Peak period (Libra) promotion
02:17:36 Peak periods on multiple levels
02:25:23 Angular Triads
02:27:42 Angular Triads Diagram
02:33:20 Chart of Demetra George (Angular Triads)
02:44:59 Ending of a peak period
02:46:33 Chris Brennan's chart
02:50:52 Chart of Robert Downey Jr.
02:52:50 Ways to interpret the Quality of an activated sign
02:53:35 Three primary things to look at
02:57:10 Focus on Benefics and Malefics (Sect)
02:57:56 Sect: Most Positive and Negative Planets Diagram
03:00:00 Diagram: Most Positive & Negative Planets
03:05:31 Justin Bieber sect example
03:12:30 Depressing Sect example
03:16:50 Combining with the concept of angular triads
03:25:50 Losing the bond (breaking of the sequence) LB periods
03:26:01 Losing the bond (LB) diagram
03:32:06 George Lucas - LB example
03:32:40 George Lucas' Chart
03:36:30 Al Gore, LB in a peak period 1992 - Vice president
03:40:00 Robert Downey Jr., LB in 2007 (Iron Man)
03:42:35 Emperor Hirohito, LB 1926 & 1946
03:48:16 Barack Obama, LB 2017
03:50:00 Foreshadowing Periods (before LB)
03:51:10 Foreshadowing Period Diagram
03:57:25 Anonymous Client Chart - Foreshadowing LB
04:02:05 Princess Diana Chart - LB at death
04:07:00 Methods not covered here
04:08:30 Philosophical Implications and Conclusions

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