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Secondary Progressions with Kelly Surtees

A discussion with astrologer Kelly Surtees about the timing technique known as secondary progressions.

During the course of the discussion we talk about how to calculate secondary progressions, where one day of the native's life symbolizes one full year.

We also talk about how to interpret a secondary progressed chart, and what sort of things you should pay attention to, such as planetary stations, exact aspects, and the lunation cycle.

This is the video version of episode 144 of The Astrology Podcast.

For the full outline of this talk or to download the higher quality audio version see the description page on the podcast website here:


Also be sure to check out Kelly's YouTube channel:


Kelly also has a number of webinars on progressions on her website:


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Видео Secondary Progressions with Kelly Surtees канала The Astrology Podcast
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