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First Steps in Reading a Birth Chart

In episode 260 astrologers Leisa Schaim and Chris Brennan discuss the first steps you should take when trying to interpret a birth chart, and which astrological factors you should focus on in natal astrology.

New students of astrology often learn a number of different techniques, but they are often unsure of the order and priority that you should give different factors when you are first looking at a new natal chart.

Since there are many different approaches to astrology, astrologers will tend to develop different approaches or prioritize different things, and this became clear in a thread we started on Twitter in preparation for this episode.


Our goal with this episode was to outline our approach to what we prioritize when looking at a new chart, although many of these factors are generally consistent with most major traditions of western astrology.

--- Astrological Association Conference ---

The Astrological Association of Great Britain is hosting an online astrology conference this week, June 26-28, 2020!

--- What to Prioritize When Reading a Birth Chart ---

Rising sign/Ascendant Ruler of the Ascendant: house, sign, aspects

Sect - day or night chart

Sun: sign, house, aspects

Moon: sign, house, aspects

Most positive benefic based on sect (Jupiter by day, Venus by night)

Most negative planet based sect (Mars by day, Saturn at night)

Stationary planets (within about a week before/after birth)

Notable chart patterns: a stellium, T-square, etc.

Planets conjunct the degrees of angles, and angular planets by sign

Elemental or modality emphasis

Close aspects, applying aspects, hard aspects

See the full episode description on the podcast website:


00:00:00 Intro
00:06:55 Looking at what stands out
00:09:26 Tradition-specific approaches
00:11:50 Sun, moon, rising
00:12:50 Birth time and ascendant degree
00:16:20 Day or night chart
00:17:25 Sun and moon locations
00:19:00 Ruler of ascendant
00:23:53 Houses ruled by sun and moon
00:24:40 Planets in first house
00:27:07 Analyzing the big three
00:29:56 Moon and emotions
00:36:09 Positive and challenging planets
00:46:28 Judy Blume's chart
00:52:47 Stationary planets
00:57:09 Chart patterns
01:01:14 Planets conjunct degree of the angles
01:07:00 Elements and modalities
01:11:49 Close and hard aspects
01:13:39 Summary
01:17:02 Chart example Scorpio rising
01:22:08 Chart topics
01:25:50 Chart example Taurus rising
01:33:35 Chart example Virgo rising
01:39:45 Timing techniques
01:40:22 Annual profections
01:42:42 Transits
01:44:22 Saturn and life stage transits
01:46:42 Eclipses
01:49:03 Secondary progressions
01:51:12 Zodiacal releasing
01:53:46 Context importance
02:00:00 Final remarks

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