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ASAPinoy presents the music of Roselle Nava | ASAPinoy

For sure, every one of us have experienced being brokenhearted, particularly in the romantic aspect.
Some of us have gone through breakups with our partners who used to set the butterflies in our stomachs aflutter and who have been our constant buddy wherever and whenever. Some of us have been secretly in love with someone yet we find it hard to ‘fess up due to varied reasons, thus, we’re just hoping that the time will come that he/she is going to finally notice our efforts and get the signals we’ve been sending them. Some of us perhaps are in complicated affairs from which we are having difficulty of departing since we already got the hang of it and we truly love the person.
No matter what your romantic status would be, there’s definitely a song that would speak to you, such as the timeless hits of true-blue Kapamilya songstress Roselle Nava.
In this ASAPinoy Tribute, she expressed how happy she is to be able to somehow help other people cope with their heartbreaks and for them to restore their faith in love.
She reminisced how her fervor for music began when she was eight years old and how her parents supported her in developing and showcasing her talent in singing by buying her a karaoke, enrolling her to voice lessons, and letting her join in singing competitions.
Roselle’s biggest break came in 1992 when she joined the auditions for ABS-CBN’s hit youth-oriented program Ang TV and successfully got accepted. She was one of the pioneers, alongside Claudine Barretto, Gio Alvarez, Victor Neri, Angelu de Leon, Jolina Magdangal, Jan Marini, Lindsay Custodio, Carol Banawa, and many more. In order to further hone their skills, they were sent to different shows of the network, including ASAP.
Although 90s was an era of boybands and bands, she was one of those solo artists whose career still flourished because of releasing sentimental songs – the genre that dominated the local airwaves during that time – namely, “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita”, “Laging Ikaw Pa Rin”, “Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita”, “Mahal Mo Ba’y Di Na Ako”, Himig Handog 1998 entry “Free”, and “Huwag Ka Nang Magbabalik”.
Through the years, her music continue to influence the local entertainment scene as some of those were used as official sound tracks for movies and teleseryes and have remained as among the top favorite OPM songs up to the present.
In her almost three-decade musical career, Roselle was nothing but blessed to be able to stay relevant despite being dormant for so many years and being able to touch the lives of more Filipinos, regardless of age.
A true music icon indeed!
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Видео ASAPinoy presents the music of Roselle Nava | ASAPinoy канала ABS-CBN Entertainment
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