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ASAPinoy features the music of Manila Sound | ASAPinoy

ASAP Pinoy honors the music and artists of Manila Sound
It was the most captivating, scintillating and even alluring sound you’d hear.

Pinoy music was being blasted from radios and record players everywhere and all sang or danced to it, and everyone called this phenomenon by just one name—Manila Sound.

In the world of popular music, the 1970s was considered the best years of Pinoy music in all genres—from the ballads and love songs that melted hearts to the rock tunes that broke our eardrums, and of course, the jive and the groove we got from the dance music that defined the era.

As Juan dela Cruz Band’s earsplitting anthems were heard from loudspeakers in jeepneys plying their routes in breakneck speed, a revolution of sorts in music commenced. And this spilled onto the pop scene, as brothers Rene and Dennis Garcia, together with buddies Lorie Illustre and Ramon Torralba, formed the band Hot Dog with female solo vocalist Ella del Rosario and began their streak of enormous hits. With their ode to the Philippine capital Manila conquering the radio airwaves and record sales, their phenomenal, authentic Pinoy music sound needed a name, and Dennis Garcia gave it, aptly the Manila Sound.

This gave a genuine fervor to Pinoy music that caught the attention and appreciation of listeners from all walks of life—from the everyman to the rich and famous. Hot Dog’s influence gave rise to more all-Pinoy acts that produced tunes with a mix of delightful rhythms, enchanting melodies and catchy lyrics that mirrored scenarios and sentiments experienced daily by ordinary Filipinos.

With disco’s dominance in that decade, among the most unforgettable Manila Sound acts were those that mimicked the Bee Gees falsettos with songs that ruled the dancefloor and touched lovestruck hearts, first the Boyfriends and then VST & Co. People were likewise enamored by dainty tunes of such acts as the Apo Hiking Society, Cinderella and Labuyo, the captivating ballads of Basil Valdez, Rico J. Puno, Hajji Alejandro, Anthony Castelo, the Rainmakers, and Rey Valera, and the absorbing impact of such performers as Asin, Sampaguita, Hagibis, Freddie Aguilar, and Florante.

In this decade, wherever you went, whatever you did, be it in the office, in school, or in the comforts of your home, in the bustling shopping center, or watching a movie based on the title of its songs, Manila Sound is what you’ll only hear. Its ascendancy during that time made the local recording industry a boomtown, with labels such as Vicor, Dyna, Wea, and OctoArts raking in the profits, with its artists becoming the icons and legends everybody admired and appreciated through the years. It was the time when Filipinos only wanted to listen to or danced to their own, shunning even the most popular American songs and artists at the time.

It was truly an epoch worth celebrating, and ASAP Pinoy honors the fascinating and unforgettable music and the most successful and acclaimed artists of Manila Sound in this astonishing feature.

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