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Star Fox: The Wolf Who Cried Wolf

Star Fox: The Wolf Who Cried Wolf finally answers the many questions posed by Starfox's Dirty Secret! What did Wolf get up to while impersonating Fox? What the hell is wrong with Slippy? And, how does Andross take a dump? (spoiler: it's messy)

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Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written by Tom Shreeve & Eddie Bowley
Additional Material by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Animated by EpicFaceFist and Dopatwo
Voice of Fox McCloud by Blake Swift
Voice of Wolf by Steven Kelly
Voice of Slippy by Tamara Ryan
Voice of Falco by Kevin Afghani
Voice of Peppy and Andrew by Kevin Andrew Rivera
Voice of Leon by Ethan Gallardo
Voice of Krystal by Eileen 'Eilemonty' Montgomery
Edited, Sound Designed and Music Curated by Jason Alan Dewey

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