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NSFW Cartoon Collection

Turn on incognito mode and switch on your VPN, Sonic, PaRappa and Machete are Not Safe For Work!

PaRappa the Rapper vs The 90s: ROAD RAGE
Original Concept & produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Ben 'Big Boy' Michael and Eddie Bowley
Animated by Andobiki
Voice Of Parappa The Rapper, Sound Mix and Music by Blake "ShadyVox" Swift / www.youtube.com/user/ShadyVoxYT
Voice of DJ Fresh Frog, Saint Peter and The Devil by xthedarkone

Machete Cockblocks
Animated by Oli Putland https://www.youtube.com/user/OliPutland
Produced by Tom Jenkins for Mashed
Written by tea&cheese
Machete, Men and VO: Erik Braa
Hot Ladies: Casey Mongillo
Sound Design & Mix: Laura Rankin
Music by Alex Walker Smith

Sonic vs Rule 34
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written and Animated by Pegbarians
Voice of Sonic by Blake "Shadyvox" Swift
Voice of Dr Eggman, Tails & Knuckles by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of Amy, Blaze and Rouge by Anna Moorey
Sound Design by Jason Dewey
Music composed by Alex Walker Smith

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