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Sonic The Hedgehog: Time Trouble

2017 Sonic The Hedgehog is sent back in time to stop 90’s Sonic from destroying his empire. Can he save Sonic from himself?
Written by Tom Shreeve
Directed and Animated By Kati Knitt (Chocolate Pudding Party)
Backgrounds and Animation by Eric Oleander (https://twitter.com/eric_oleander)
Original idea by Eddie Bowley
Developed by Tom Jenkins, Laura Rankin & Tom Shreeve
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Sound Design & Mix by Laura Rankin
Music composed by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of 2017 Sonic, 90’s Sonic, Glitch Sonic, Amiibo Sonic & Sanic by Blake Swift
Voice of Freemium Sonic, Unfinished Sonic, Sex Toy Sonic & 3D sonic by Dan Gavin
Voice of Rule 34 Sonic by Sara Mears

Modern-day Sonic the Hedgehog travels back in time to talk to his ancestor, 90s Sonic, in a last-ditch attempt to save his reputation. But when he starts changing his timeline, all sorts of unexpected things start happening…

Sonic The Hedgehog: Time Trouble was animated by Tobi Knitt, the awesome animator behind amazing cartoons like Crash Bandicoot Falls, Death of the PSVR and Luigi’s Nightmare. Music was composed by the musical genius of Alex Walker Smith.

It was written by Tom Shreeve (Battlefield 1: Dawn of the Horsepocalypse, Fallout 4: Modding Problems), developed by Tom Shreeve, Laura Rankin and Tom Jenkins from an original idea by Eddie Bowley (Overwatch: Omnileaks, Overwatch: The Trial of Mei).

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