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Sonic's Metal Nightmare

Sonic's back from Hollywood and he's taken his friends for granted. He's about to get a lesson in how you should treat your buddies, and not a nice one. It's pretty messed up actually.

Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Animated and Storyboarded by Daniel Arruda Massa - https://youtube.com/channel/UCLUW1dnh8TypsrTNIIdJ9sw
Written by Ben Michael and Tom Shreeve
Additional material by Florian Walraven
Voice of Sonic by Blake Swift
Voice of Tails and Amy by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Voice of Knuckles, Metal Sonic and Doctor Robotnik by Alex Walker Smith
Additional Animation by Liam McKeown
Backgrounds by Josh Floyd and Ryan hammond
Music Composed by Holley Gray
Sound Design and Post-Production by Jason Alan Dewey

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