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Just Outside of Rome, a Hidden Gem: TIVOLI, Italy!

Ciao a tutti! In this video, I take you on a trip to Rome and nearby Tivoli, where we stayed in an epic old monastery overlooking a valley and a jaw-dropping waterfall, and saw some of the most renowned historic villas in the country!

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Hope you enjoy this vid! You've got to add Tivoli to your list of places to visit, and you'll see why in this video!

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A bit about me: My name is Katie Quinn and I'm a video journalist, writer, and food enthusiast living in southern Italy. On this channel I make videos about life, travel and delicious things. I post every week, and of course, I #keepitquirky :)

Видео Just Outside of Rome, a Hidden Gem: TIVOLI, Italy! канала qkatie
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