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Cain - OC PMV

Well... It's been a while since I posted the storyboard! And I've teased this coming out for a while. Thanks to people keeping company on streams, I've had the motivation to actually get this done...

Characters in order of appearance-
-Anise (she/her, blue cat with blue eyes, Root's mother)
-Burdock (he/him, blue grey cat with big spot on face, Root's father)
-Root (she/her, grey cat with stripes down the back)
-Ginger (they/them, cat with heart on their cheek, Root's sibling)
-Pyro (he/him, dark red wolf wit stripe down the back)
-Ash (he/him, plain grey wolf with blue eyes, Pyro's brother)
-Mesi (she/her, light grey wolf with grey splotches, Pyro's sister)

I feel like the video is mostly self explanatory, but if you want more detail;
Root lives in a huge group of cats, and her dad is the leader of them. Pyro was divided from his siblings near birth and is taken in by the cats, but eventually reconnects with Ash and Mesi. Pyro, Ginger, Ash and Mesi form a sort of friend group, which Root is envious of, as Pyro is basically her only friend.
Root eventually snaps, and lures Ginger into the wild to kill them. She isn't close with her parents either, and decide to just take care of them, she gets that benefit of being leader after he dad after all. After taking down Burdock and Anise, Pyro comes across her, stunned. She convinces him it was all an accident, self defence etc, so he helps her bury the bodies.

This video was an absolute beast to get through, and my art actually changed a lot during the year, which made it hard to be consistent.

This would have taken a little longer if my girlfriend hadn't helped me colour!

Clip Studio Paint
Premiere Pro CC
After Effects CC (for the blood spray)

Where to find me - https://www.instagram.com/starcheopteryx/

Discord Server - https://discord.gg/pfGUUju

OG storyboard - https://youtu.be/Z54KTSpmjXQ
Song - https://youtu.be/HnXGWSHbcGE

Видео Cain - OC PMV канала Starcheopteryx
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