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Open Up Your Eyes |Glory Villain AU | Wings of Fire Animatic

Please don't get mad at me for all these changes, I probably have messed up some of your favorite characters. Also I haven't read the first arc in 2 - 3 years so my memory is fuzzy.

Glory was an outcast among the dragonets, she was not bullied by the dragonets but was instead ignored and left out of the group. There are many reasons for this, the dragonets being kids that knew no better, the adults raising them influencing them to see Glory as a mistake (since she was supposed to be a skywing). Whatever the case, she was isolated from the rest. She did have a friendship with Webs the seawing but it was more out of the pity that Webs felt for her than anything else.

The night that the Talons of Peace decided that they should get rid of her (kill her) the other dragonets were not entirely aware of the plan Morrowseer had set the adults on, only Starflight new but he did not care much for the rainwing he never talked to. This also means that the dragonets did not try to escape preemptively. Kestrel attacked Glory right in front of Tsunami, Clay, and Starflight. Starflight merely watched while Tsunami and Clay, not feeling as though they wanted to risk their lives for Glory and also feeling guilty, simply turned and left her to Kestrel's assault. Webs managed to convince Kestrel to instead chase Glory out of the cave and allow her to fend for herself in Pyrrhia instead of killing her. Sunny was not aware of any of this as she was not present. When she found out Glory was gone the other dragonets convinced her that Glory was taken back home to the rainforest and was unharmed.

Because of Glory being missing from the dragonets, and the dragonets never escaped early, the entirety of the first arc had a different course. Scarlet was never dethroned and maimed, the dragonets did not fight in the arena, they did not go to the rainforest and discover the nightwing plot, they did not rescue the rainwings from the experiments, this meant that when the nightwings fled their island they likely killed many of the defenseless rainwings as they took over the forest.

The dragonets of destiny failed, even the backup dragonets did not work out because the Talons of Peace were incompetent and were sabotaged by many outside influences. Glory lived on her own for a few months after she left, soured by her experience. She would see the results of the war everywhere she went, which desensitized her. Eventually she happened upon a letter found on the body of a fallen dragon in a battlefield where she would find out that Queen Scarlet was looking for a new assassin. This would lead to Glory working for Queen Scarlet and Burn in the war, eventually she became very well regarded by the two and was their go-to assassin. (Glory was a good assassin because she could camouflage, nobody suspected a rainwing, and because of her venom).

After a few years, as the Talons of Peace were falling apart and almost eliminated, Sunny was captured by the skywings. Scarlet presented Sunny to Glory as a gift. Sunny did not know what drove Glory to become what she is, and begged her to stop working for Queen Scarlet and to help Sunny end the war instead. [ANIMATIC]. Sunny ended up reminding Glory of what happened and Glory was overcome with guilt because of things she had done, and that was leaving Sunny in the cage where she would likely be used, executed, or otherwise harmed by Burn or her soldiers.

-Clay is dead, I might explain this later.
-Tsunami went to the seawing kingdom and became a princess.
-Starflight joined the nightwings, also Morrowseer was not killed by the volcano but was assassinated by Glory instead.
-The war never ended and the events of the second arc never came to pass because of this. Although I think Darkstalker would get out eventually anyways.
-Deathbringer never left being an assassin as he never met Glory (as the DoD), he probably works for the nightwings still.
-Peril is probably still Scarlet's champion.
-The nightwings live in the rainforest now, but they do not live alongside rainwings, they wiped out a large portion of the rainwing population, who reside in a smaller area of the jungle (hiding from the other tribes). A few rainwings did leave the jungle and live throughout Pyrrhia.

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