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Wings of Fire 'Magical Death Spit' (Fan Made Animation)

Rendered in Realtime using Unreal Engine 4.22

This Project took around 7 months to complete in from July 2019 to Jan. 2020. It was Rendered in Realtime using Unreal Engine 4, I was going for an Epic Mega Grant, but It was announced that Warner Bros Animation acquired the rights via Ava DuVernay and will be adapting the book series to the animation medium.

So, if anyone Involved in that undertaking see's this, please contact me I'd like to get involved! ;)

To the other Fan-Wings out there, please do enjoy this! I spent a good deal of time making it!

This is a Scene from Book 2, the Lost Heir, a Fan Favorite:
"Were Not Calling it Magical Death Spit!" - Glory
At this point in the story, the Dragonets, are prisoners again!, Stuck in the SeaWing Queen Coral's High Level Security Prison, surrounded by waterfalls and pools swimming with deadly Electric Eels!

Voice by Shannon McManus (from the Audio Books)

Wings of Fire Intellectual Property belongs to Tui T Sutherland, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers Animation. This is a non-profit Fan Art project intended to display my quality as a Realtime Unreal Artist and hopefully lead to me get involved in the Major Production of this series into animation!

Contact Info:
Phone: 918-695-1610
Email: ericruskoski@gmail.com

Downloadable Windows 10 64 bit Executable files can be found here:

Видео Wings of Fire 'Magical Death Spit' (Fan Made Animation) канала Eric Ruskoski
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