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How To Eat Breakfast Like an Italian

What do you eat for breakfast? Growing up in America and then living in England, ever since I've moved to Italy I must admit that the always light and sweet breakfasts have taken some getting used to! :) (No complaints; I'll happily eat cake for breakfast!)

Thanks to my PATREON community, The Quirky Club, for allowing me to buy all the groceries for this video. I hope you'll consider joining! Check out the perks here: https://www.patreon.com/katiequinn​

In this video I also talk with my friend Jen Phanomrat (of the YouTube channel Just Eat Life!) about her breakfasts growing up, which is really different to an Italian breakfast, but also the average American breakfast! She and I recently teamed up to co-host a podcast for the Food52 Podcast Network, it's called Either Side Eaters. LISTEN HERE: https://apple.co/3xRDXRl​

And watch Jen’s video about making halloumi in honor of the Either Side Eaters épisode we did all about that delicious cheese! https://youtu.be/ocRUmqAqOzo

BUY MY BOOK, "Cheese, Wine, and Bread": https://amzn.to/3ef1LGW​

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A bit about me: My name is Katie Quinn and I'm a video journalist, writer, and food enthusiast living in southern Italy. On this channel I make videos about life, travel and delicious things. I post every week, and of course, I #keepitquirky​ :)

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