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Valery Legasov Tapes Compilation Vol.2 - 100% Authentic, Legasov's Own Voice - записи Легасова

This is a compilation of Valery Legasov's tape recordings extracted from documentary films. 100% authentic - Legasov's own voice. The content of the tapes is Chernobyl memoirs of Legasov and his heavy criticism of the establishment. He exposes scary things towards the end.

Legasov has addressed the tapes for delivery to his friend, Pravda correspondent Vladimir Gubarev right before he took his own life. Mr. Gubarev has provided copies to documentary filmmakers in the past. They were not destroyed by the KGB or anyone else. They were never lost.
They just have been collecting dust for the last three decades, cause no one cared to listen.

Not until HBO unearthed the legacy of Valery Legasov and brought it to public spotlight.
Now legions of people want to hear the entire set of tapes and asking me to publish them but unfortunately I am not in possession of the tapes.
You will have to ask Mr. Gubarev. I have no doubt that he would be more than happy to oblige.
Произведения из легасовских записей - голос академика Легасова.

Светлая Вам память, Валерий Алексеевич.
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Видео Valery Legasov Tapes Compilation Vol.2 - 100% Authentic, Legasov's Own Voice - записи Легасова канала rabbitholefiles
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