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The Moon in Astrology: Meanings and Uses

Episode 294 features a discussion with astrologer Israel Ajose about the meaning of the Moon in astrology, and some different techniques that incorporate the Moon in the western astrological tradition.

This is the first in a series of new episodes on the significations of each of the planets, and I decided to start with the Moon because it is the closest celestial body to Earth.

In order to ground the episode in the astrological tradition we read through several different passages from ancient and modern astrologers to see how they described the meaning of the Moon in astrology.

We then used this as a jumping off point for further discussions, and in order to look at some of the different techniques that use the Moon as their focal point in western astrology.

The passages that we read from different astrologers include Vettius Valens, William Lilly, Reinhold Ebertin, Robert Hand, Richard Tarnas, and Demetra George.

Israel Ajose is a practicing astrologer from the UK, and is the President of the Astrological Lodge of London, which is the oldest astrological society in the English-speaking world, having been founded in 1915 by Alan and Bessie Leo.

Israel previously appeared on episode 213 of The Astrology Podcast where I interviewed him about the Astrological Lodge in person while on a trip to Europe.

You can find out more about Israel on his website:


Follow Israel on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and his YouTube channel:





This episode is also available in an audio version on the podcast website:


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00:00:00 Intro
00:06:49 Moon sign vs Sun sign
00:10:11 Rising sign vs Sun sign
00:13:10 Earthiness of the Moon
00:17:10 7 spheres diagram
00:20:26 Causal influences of moon
00:24:24 Moon glyph and dignity scheme
00:26:20 Valens' Moon significations
00:33:23 Moon in Thema Mundi
00:34:30 Joy of Moon in 3rd house
00:37:52 Moon and mother
00:40:09 Body parts and the moon
00:42:12 Israel's natal chart
00:43:00 Night charts and the moon
00:49:26 Domicile rulerships
00:51:00 The Moon as receptor
00:56:23 Possessions and fortune
01:02:10 Valens 3rd house significations
01:08:26 Mother figures and the Moon
01:11:20 William Lilly moon significations
01:16:30 Condition of the Moon
01:20:15 Moon Phases
01:26:30 Application and separation of the Moon
01:29:30 Void of Course
01:43:20 Paulus Alexandrinus on separation and application
01:46:30 More on Void of Course
01:54:50 Moon phases in the birth chart
02:01:21 Eclipses
02:05:21 Reinhold Ebertin significations
02:07:24 Moon and the Soul
02:11:28 More Ebertin significations
02:20:45 Moon and Women
02:23:45 Robert Hand significations
02:27:21 Jung and Freud
02:30:40 Richard Tarnas significations
02:42:00 Demetra George significations
02:48:00 Secondary progressed moon
02:52:33 7 Ages of Man and lunar ascendant
02:55:42 Moon sign horoscopes
02:58:46 Israel's 11th house moon
03:00:44 Astrological Lodge of London
03:02:00 Israel's website
03:04:17 Closing remarks

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