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Cheap real estate hunt Ozzano Monferrato home tour with local Italian expert

While searching for cheap real estate in Vercelli for a subscriber of this channel, I was directed to check out the Monferrato area in Piedmont Italy. Upon using google maps to identify a remote hilltop town in the area, I planned a day trip to see what I could find upon my arrival.

I was fortunate to discover a village surrounded by beautiful landscapes nestled under their principal church and local castle. I was additionally fortunate to contact Alberto Dionisotti from Tecnocasa in Casale Monferrato and to discover he was free to show me a property in the historical center of Ozzano Monferrato. It’s always best to find a local Italian expert to give light to the reasons one might invest in a new area.

Make sure to subscribe because Alberto was free for the entire day and upcoming videos will include some sights you don’t want to miss.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Why Ozzano Monferrato
2:28 Walking the streets of Ozzano Monferrato
4:59 Finding a property for sale
8:34 Why you should subscribe
9:40 Meeting the real estate agent in Ozzano Monferrato
10:52 Entry
11:20 Kitchen
12:45 Living Room
13:10 Balcony and bathroom
14:30 Bedroom #1
16:10 Bedroom #2
17:17 Are cracks a problem?
18:37 The upper balcony
19:48 Construction type (Tufo)
21:23 How much is the house?
22:40 The attic space
24:00 Who should buy this type of property?
28:12 Are renovations necessary?
29:07 What’s up next?

Видео Cheap real estate hunt Ozzano Monferrato home tour with local Italian expert канала DauvO
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