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Gubbio Italy the most beautiful medieval town

When beginning our 1 euro home summer, we stopped in a town called Gubbio that is famous for being one of the most beautiful Medieval towns in Europe. I'm sure they feel that they are the most beautiful medieval town. The city has a special aesthetic style all througout the historic center which is quite large. You can visit the hillside castle courtyard or climb to the basilica at the top of the mountain switchbacks.

I came here since I knew it was a beautiful city close by to a 1 euro home community in Le Marche called Cantiano. The morning was spent touring the community of Gubbio Italy looking for real estate agencies and overall just to enjoy the views. The next video will be about what I experienced in Cantiano.

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Explanation of tourism
2:09 Lower Gubbio RE Agency search
4:30 Real estate prices
5:40 Climbing to the upper historical center
6:35 Patreon info
7:40 The upper Piazza
10:42 Exploring the upper streets
13:38 The Museum and Castlegrounds
15:04 The street to the Basilica
17:03 Saying Goodbye
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