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Holy cow wait till you see how much snow places in America get!

When it comes to average snowfall in America, we rank third overall for the amount of snowfall we get every year, behind Japan and Canada. Some places in America hardly get any snow at all. And some areas of the US get A TON.

Snow can be a lot of fun. The kids don’t have to go to school, you don’t have to go to work. And then, when the party’s over, snow is really fun to clean up, too.

Since winter is coming, and lots of places are starting to get snowfall, we thought we’d get out the tape measure and see which states get the most snowfall of all.

So join us as we brave the brutal weather and bring you America’s Snowiest States.

10. Wisconsin

The Badger State gets 45 inches of snow a year. That’s almost 4 feet. To put that into perspective go get a ruler and hold it up 4 times. That’s 4 feet!

For additional perspective, the state with the least amount of snowfall each year is Florida, which gets 0.01 inches of snow a year.

A lot of people think Hawaii doesn’t get any snow, but that’s not true. Some parts of Hawaii get a decent amount of the white stuff. There’s a handful of 10,000 foot tall volcanoes here which get up to 8 inches of snow every year. But it melts after a few days

9. Wyoming

Here in the Cowboy state, they get about 51 inches of the wet stuff each year.

Most of the snowfall in Wyoming happens along the western side of the state, since the Rocky Mountains - and specifically, Grand Teton section of the Rockies, blocks most of the snow from reaching the state’s high plains to the east. In these mountains, they might get 200 inches of snow a year. On the plains, it’s closer to 30 inches.

8. Massachusetts
Off we go, to Massachusetts, our 8th snowiest state, which gets just a teeny bit more snow each year than Wyoming does.

7. New York
We’re going to cross over Connecticut and take this thing down to New York State. It’s interesting that Connecticut is surrounded by states that get a lot of snow, but they don’t get that much themselves.

It seems that on any given day during winter, somewhere in New York, snow is coming down. Syracuse is the snowiest of all of New York’s cities - and is 5th in the world for major cities in terms of average snowfall every year. Syracuse gets about 123 inches, or 10 feet every year.

Buffalo, located next to Lake Erie, gets a lot of snow every year, too.

The Blizzard of 1966 hit Rochester New York like a ton of ice bricks

6. Michigan

We’re off to the winter wonderland that is the state of Michigan, which gets an average of 61 inches of snow each and every year.

While the lower part of the state gets a lot of snow, the Upper Peninsula might as well be the north pole. Actually, that’s not even true, because most of Michigan gets more snow than the north pole does each year - by about 3 inches.

5. Alaska

Now were’ getting to some deep stuff. Alaska is our 5th snowiest state, where the average depth every year is about 65 inches.

Valdez, Alaska, a small town, is the second snowiest town in America - where, because of a weird weather phenomena that involves cold air rushing south and moist air from the Gulf of Alaska - they get about 326 inches of snow every year.

4. Colorado

Movin on, we come to our 4th snowiest state in the USA, Colorado, which gets an average of 67 inches of snow accumulation each year.

Colorado’s biggest blizzard came in 1913, when 45 inches of snow fell in Denver alone, and unknown amounts fell in the highest elevations of the Rockies.

3. New Hampshire

We’re back in the northeast once again, and this is where we will remain for the rest of this informative-and somewhat racy video. Here in New Hampshire, 71 inches of snow falls every year.

You can always tell when someone’s from New Hampshire. They have a huge coat on, big ugly boots, a snowblower and a Subaru.

2. Maine

We can barely see snow the snow is so deep. But we’re almost done with our journey. Just to the east of New Hampshire is Maine, which gets on average, 77 inches of snow every year. That’s a lot.

1. Vermont

We’re going to take our snowmobile from Maine and head east, where eventually we come to Vermont, our snowiest state, where about 90 inches of snow comes down every year. It’s not even close. Vermont’s the snow king of America.

In 1970 - the whole state of Vermont averaged 318 inches of snow. For the whole state! That’s 26 feet! Even as late as Memorial Day, it’s not untypical for Vermont to get a dusting.

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