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Dutch Language | Can English speakers understand it? | #2

This is PART 2 of the Dutch vs English mutual intelligibility experiment on this channel. Can English speakers understand the Dutch language? 🤓 Watch the video and play along to find out! 😁

🙏 Volunteer your language skills for the future videos → https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9I2GI7plOElgXkQajre7z7CIfdnPBmYudUl0d4YnJ-W-_jg/viewform
🤓 Join the Ecolinguist DISCORD Server → https://discord.gg/xKBQCc3V57

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My name is Norbert Wierzbicki and I am the creator of @Ecolinguist channel.
☕️Buy me a Coffee → https://www.paypal.me/ecolinguist​ (I appreciate every donation no matter how big or small🤠)
📱Instagram: @the.ecolinguist

📝 Contact details for the guests of the show are:

🇳🇱 💬🤓 Kim Jautze: the Dutch teacher → @Dutchies to be - Learn Dutch with Kim
📝 website: https://learndutchwithkim.com
📱Instagram: @learndutchwithkim

🤓🇯🇵 Matt: the Japanese and language learning expert → @Matt vs Japan

🤓🇬🇧 Simon Roper: the Old English expert → @Simon Roper
📱Instagram: @simon.roperr
🎥Recommended videos:

🇳🇱 vs 🇬🇧 Dutch Language | Can English speakers understand it? | #1 → https://youtu.be/DNDtwEXQKMY

🤓🇬🇧 Old English vs Modern English speakers → https://youtu.be/m9Dagt3SWoo

🤓 🦂 Latin Language Spoken | Can Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian speakers understand it? → https://youtu.be/C77anb2DJGk​

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🇫🇷🇮🇹🇧🇷🇲🇽French Language | Can Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speakers understand? → https://youtu.be/sqxgY6c6mqs​

🇮🇹🇧🇷🇲🇽Italian Language | Can Spanish and Portuguese speakers understand? → https://youtu.be/VCtg1upDmWs​

🤗 Big hug to everyone reading my video descriptions! You rock! 🤓💪🏻


Видео Dutch Language | Can English speakers understand it? | #2 канала Ecolinguist
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