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Handel: Messiah // Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann // CD PREVIEW

Handel’s “Messiah” is one of the most sung oratorios in the world and its great choruses and arias can be heard on countless classical collections. From its premiere to the present day, this great sacred work enjoys almost unbroken popularity and has always fascinated audiences and musicians
alike. In the chapter “Resurrection of George Frideric Handel” of his book “Decisive Moments in History”, Stefan Zweig provides a particularly colourful description of Handel’s “Messiah”. Starting from the fresh spirit of the work, he creates a lively story that lets the reader look over his shoulder as he composes the work. In it, he illustrates the timelessness and special position of this great composition in the context of music history.

In September 2019, the choir and orchestra of the Gaechinger Cantorey, under the direction of their principal conductor Hans-Christoph Rademann, got to the bottom of this singular work and, together with an excellent quintet of soloists, recorded this stirring and masterly interpretation.

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Dublin Version, 1742

Gaechinger Cantorey
Hans-Christoph Rademann

Dorothee Mields, soprano
Benno Schachtner, alto
Tobias Knaus, alto
Benedikt Kristjánsson, tenor
Tobias Berndt, bass

Recorded in the Margarethenkirche Gotha, September 2019

A production of Accentus Music

Available on CD and on all digital services from April 3, 2020

#messiah #gaechingercantorey #accentusmusic

Видео Handel: Messiah // Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann // CD PREVIEW канала accentusmusic
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