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7 Signs Your Breakup Is Temporary

http://www.BreakupBrad.com -- 7 Signs Your Breakup Is Temporary

Can't figure out the hot and cold treatment? Check out this video
One question I'm asked constantly by viewers like you and by my coaching clients is, "how can I tell if my breakup is only temporary?" And that, folks, is what I'll be discussing right here in this brand new video.

I'm Brad Browning, the #1 breakup coach on YouTube, and for the past 12 years I've been helping people from around the world get over a tough breakup and start over with an ex. To get my personal help with your situation, visit BreakupBrad.com/Coaching and learn how you can work with me 1-on-1 to get a second chance with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

Now, how do you tell if your breakup is not going to last? How do you know if your ex is going to take you back? Well, here are the top 7 signs…

Sign #1: Your ex is sending mixed messages.
If your ex has been giving you the "hot and cold" treatment since breaking up, that is actually often a strong indication that he or she is internally conflicted about the decision to break up… and may soon give in to their feelings and decide to take you back.

What do I mean by "mixed messages"? Well, for example, if your ex sends you a late-night text saying "I miss you" one day, and then the next day they completely ignore you or tell you they never want to talk to you again… that's a mixed message.

Again, these type of back-and-forth signals that your ex is sending are almost always an indication that your ex is having second thoughts about breaking up. It can be because they initially thought that going your separate ways was the right thing to do, but now they're struggling emotionally with the breakup and fighting an internal battle with themselves trying to decide if they made a mistake breaking up with you.

I've made another previous video on this exact topic, which you can watch by clicking the pop-up banner up in the corner here, or by clicking on the link that I'll put in the description below.

Sign #2: Your ex is contacting you frequently.
This is another strong indication that your ex isn't fully committed to the breakup… or at least, they're not 100% confident that they're ready to let you walk out of their life. If they're reaching out to you on their own frequently, especially if it's not for any reason other than to "catch up" or "see how you're doing", then clearly they still need and want you in their life.

Sign #3: Your ex gets emotional.
Think about it for a second… if you had broken up with someone and you were totally confident it was the right decision -- if you were truly over them, and ready to move on without looking back -- would you still be emotional when thinking about that person? Would you break into tears when you saw that person, or tell him or her about how much heartache the breaking is causing you? Probably not.

For that reason, your ex becoming emotional around you after breaking up -- or even just showing any kind of pain and loneliness in general -- is a strong indicator of someone who hasn't moved on and might be so emotionally affected by the breakup that they might break down and beg for you come back.

Sign #4: Your ex is still angry at you.
This is a weird one, and a lot of people are skeptical when I tell them that an angry ex is often actually a good thing if you want to get back together. In my many years of experience as a breakup coach, however, it's become clear to me that this is often a very positive sign. Why? Well, it's pretty simple: if your ex is still angry at you, they're still emotionally invested in you and your time together.
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