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How To Make Someone Want You Again (Tips That You Just Can't Miss!)

How To Make Someone Want You Again
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So you wanna learn how to make someone want you back, huh? Well, sit back and hold on tight, because in this YouTube video, I am going to share the goods so that YOU can make that one special person take you back for good.

Blog post version: https://www.lovelearnings.com/breakups/how-to-make-someone-want-you-again

1.) Calling and texting your ex constantly. I swear that 90% of all of the people who email say the same thing… that their ex dumped them, that they feel like shit, and that they’ve been constantly trying to contact their ex BEGGING for a second chance. This is a massive mistake… and it’s a massive mistake even to call them ONCE.

2.) Mistake two… using hysterics, pity, and begging to try and convince your ex to come back. Remember, you’re never going to convince your ex to take you back by using logic. Love and emotion trump any sort of logic when it comes to relationships, so keep this in mind moving forward. Nobody will take you back out of pity

3.) Mistake number 3 –While this may SOUND like it would work, it DOESN’T. Being your ex’s doormat is ridiculously unattractive and it’s only going to make him or her respect you even LESS. If you really want to get someone to desire you again, they have to respect you. Which brings me toooooooo…

4.) Mistake number 4: getting hysterical if you find out your ex is dating someone new. I know, this is may be one of the most painful situations to go through in life, but it isn’t as awful as you think it is. If your ex is in a relationship with another person directly after your breakup, they’re in what is known as a “rebound relationship”. And typically speaking, these rebound relationships don’t last… so what you need to do is simply weather the storm and wait for the perfect opportunity to get your ex back.

5.) Mistake number 5 is… showering your ex with gifts and affection. Again, this is another counter-intuitive mistake. Like the last few mistakes, showing your ex that you’ve put him or her on the metaphorical pedestal is MASSIVELY unattractive behaviour. So don’t buy your ex gifts, don’t make them presents, don’t call your ex showering him or her with compliments. Just no, no, no! Not now!

6.) Desperation isn’t the only emotion people feel when they’ve been rejected… sometimes they just feel rage! So mistake number 6 is lashing out at your ex.

7.) Mistake number 7 is obsessing and overanalyzing the situation with your ex. I know, easier said than done, right? All you want to do is just read old text messages and old letters trying to figure out where you went wrong and how you can fix it. Just stop this now.

So what does no-contact mean? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It means ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR EX WHATSOEVER! That means no texting, no drunk dialing, no social media interactions, no liking their photos on Instagram, no SnapChatting, no NOTHING.

Step 3 is to become the very best version of you possible.
A huge goal of step 3 is to become an attractive person, period. Not even to your ex, but to every person of the opposite sex. I can guarantee you that one of the reasons why your ex broke up you was because you STOPPED exhibiting some characteristics that your ex found attractive before. So what you need to do is becoming YOU 2.0.

And here we go on to step 4… contact your ex at the right time and hang out with them.

Now what? How do we make them WANT you again?

Well, if you’ve just finished No Contact, now is the time to reach out to them. And there are several ways to do this… but the very BEST way is through text messaging. I’ve made dozens of videos on this topic, so feel free to poke around my channel and watch one of those videos after this, but simply put, you need to send your ex a quick text to break the ice.
And that’s it. You need to craft a message that A.) simple and easy going, and B.) has a purpose. What we want to do right now is to make it seem like the only reason you’re texting your ex is because you need something from them, and nothing more. If you’ve been playing your cards right up until this point, your ex should at least be receptive to messaging you back. And from there, you’re going to have to set up an in-person meet.

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Okay, I’m going to go grab a drink of water now… talk to you guys later!
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