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Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington. 🇦🇪

I tried Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington, one of his most famous dishes.

Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen is a popular restaurant in London serving a premium British menu. It now has a branch in the Atlantis resort in Dubai, where I was staying so I took the opportunity to find out if this beef wellington of his is really worthy of its legendary status.

My waiter was from Sri Lanka. I've noticed that there are many Sri Lankans working in Dubai, especially in customer-facing roles. As Sri Lankans have a well deserved reputation for incredible hospitality it isn't surprising.

I went into Bread Street thinking about a two-course lunch but I didn't take much convincing by the waiter to go for three.

The Short Ribs that I had as a starter were incredible. The meat was tender and seared on the outside with a crispy and intensely sweet glaze.

The Beef Wellington was as good as I expected. My knife just sank through the striploin steak as I went to cut it and there was almost no chewing required. It came with a marrow bone sauce but it wasn't needed, the flavour of the beef was so rich.

The wellington was served on a bed of truffle mash which I think must be 50% cream, it was so creamy and delicious and pairs with the wellington absolutely perfectly.

My dessert was an Apple Crumble Tart. I've had apple crumble many times as it was a regular dessert in our house growing up but I'd never had it inside a tart before. I guess this was like a combination of apple crumble and apple tart. It was lovely but my mother makes a better apple crumble, sorry Gordon!

00:00 Intro
00:39 Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
10:23 Short Ribs
12:56 Beef Wellington
21:59 Apple Crumble Tart

If you noticed any ghosting in the video, it's because in my original footage the lights on the ceiling were flickering massively. I don't usually run into this problem as my GoPro is set up with X/50 shutter speed and filming at 50 frames per second as I'm always in countries where the electricity supply is at 50hz but for some reason the lights in this restaurant seemed to be running at 60hz or something else.

I had to put my footage through a de-flicker filter and it kinda faded the colours and made some ghosting when there was any fast movement but the original footage was completely unwatchable so this is still a massive improvement.

Again this restaurant was playing copyrighted music but having a lav mic close to my mouth helps a lot in this regard as my voice is louder and the background noise is lower. If I had used a mic attached to the GoPro or the internal mic then the music would have been clear enough for YouTube to detect it.

I'm happy I was able to make a decent vlog despite the obstacles and I'm happy that I was able to share a delicious meal with you guys.

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Видео Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington. 🇦🇪 канала Dale Philip
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