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Tiny Desk Korea: Tomorrow X Together

Sheldon Pearce | November 27, 2023
This video is part of the newly launched international version of Tiny Desk, a joint venture between NPR and LG U+, a Korean telecommunications and media company. All concerts — including the first few episodes with the Kim Chang Wan Band, Sunwoo Jung-A and the Yun Seok Cheol trio — are available on the Tiny Desk Korea YouTube channel, which will unveil a new video every Thursday.

The boys of Tomorrow X Together, or TXT, began as the only act in the immediate orbit of the K-pop titans BTS. Created by the masterminds at Big Hit Music, the group has always had to manage certain expectations — even as a standout of K-pop's fourth generation, it seemed to be searching for an identity separate from the art-rap reputation established by its label. TXT's most recent album, The Name Chapter: Freefall, captures its sprawling ambitions: from new wave-y retro-pop to bassy, beaming dance music; the mildly grungy to flat-out nu metal. The group's performance of three songs from the release for Tiny Desk Korea brings these modes into something resembling a coherent vision, playing into its signature rock band aesthetics while giving their music a soft-focus feel. With two guitarists at their backs, seated all in a row, the boys seem in their element. The falsetto harmonies of "Happily Ever After" waft just above glowing keyboard runs, and for a finale, the lead single "Chasing That Feeling" is made nearly weightless.

"Skipping Stones"
"Happily Ever After"
"Chasing That Feeling"

Yeonjun: vocals
Soobin: vocals
Beomgyu: vocals
Taehyun: vocals
Hueningkai: vocals
Seongkyeong Song: piano
Lee Yeonjun (kyto6): bass
Dongmin Kim: guitar
Wonyoung Jang: drums
Eunjin Kwon: chorus
Hyunmo Jeong: chorus
Gyeomjo Ryu: chorus

Executive Producer: DJ Lee
Vp, Visuals And Music: Sangjin Lee
Tiny Desk Korea Team Leader: Kilhyo Lee
Creative Producers: Soyeon Kang, Heewon Kim
Tiny Desk Korea Team: Euddeum Park, Seongyeon Lee, Jisook Son, Yoomin Park
Format Licensing Producers: InSoon Kim, Jinwoo Hwang
Director of Production: Hyewon Kim, Jinsoo Chung
Project Managers: Eunbi Jo, Yoonjung Choi
Producer, Casting Director: Youngpyo Hong
Production Assistants: Jeong Eun Gwon, Seyoung Lim
Camera Assistants: Deokjung Kim, Lim Young Chae, Yeom Seowoo, Wang Sunho, Kim Yonghyuk, Jeon Gihun, Suh Kangjun
Lighting Crew: Junghyun Choi, Junhui Min, Junseo Lee
Recording & Instruments: Presound Systems

Series Producer: Bobby Carter
Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin
Videographers: Maia Stern, Joshua Bryant, Kara Frame
Tiny Desk Team: Suraya Mohamed, Ashley Pointer, Hazel Cills
Series Creators: Bob Boilen, Stephen Thompson
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior Director of Partnership Development: Gordon Synn
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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Видео Tiny Desk Korea: Tomorrow X Together канала NPR Music
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