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Adekunle Gold: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

This year, NPR Music is celebrating Black Music Month with an array of brand new Tiny Desk concerts — both from home and from behind our beloved Desk. Together, these artists represent the past, present and future of Black music. This month of carefully curated shows is a celebration of Black artists expressing themselves in ways we've never seen before, and of the Tiny Desk’s unique way of showcasing that talent.

Ashley Pointer | June 2, 2022
Attention passengers: Please make sure your seat belts are fastened and tray tables are stored away as Adekunle Gold is ready for takeoff. The shape of the Nigerian singer-songwriter's Tiny Desk (home) concert mimics a flight pattern sonically and energetically, starting off laid back and ascending to greater heights that'll make you dance and move your feet.

AG's career first picked up steam after the release of his debut single "Sade," a highlife cover of One Direction's "Story of My Life," in 2014; then, he released his debut album Gold in 2016. Three albums later, the Yoruba sensation's sound has evolved from highlife to Afropop.

AG filmed his (home) concert with his band in Los Angeles, inside a retro, faux airport terminal – home of AG Baby Airlines. Opening with "Sinner," a modern take on the Biblical story of King David and Bathsheba, the band's arrangement translates seamlessly live, with AG's smooth vocals complimented by violin and driven by steady, rhythmic drums.

Closing his set with the uptempo and jaunty "Okay," a reliable banger from his record Afro Pop, Vol. 1, AG explains: "It's such an energy giver — the people turn up, and we are about to turn up now." Embarking on his first North American Tour Catch Me If You Can, which has its first stop today in Boston — as noted on the AG Baby Airlines signage — "turn up" is precisely the correct term as AG Baby is letting you know that he may be bringing his signature soulful Afropop to a city near you.

"Something Different"
"One Woman"

Adekunle Gold: vocals
Omar Perrin: keys/MD
Cam Griffin: guitar
Darius Woodley: drums
Clark Sims: bass
Lulu V: violin

Director: Robin Burke
Producer: Kristene Lew, Kat Boyd
Creative Director: Grace Hsiu
Producer: 1983 Creative
Director of Photography: Mikey Van Beuren
Camera Operators: Danny Corey, Kyle Messina
1st AC: Dima Shorin, Garrett Hoffmann
2nd AC: Natasha Abdul
Editors: Wolf De Burgo, Cole Benton
Gaffer: Adam Schaffer
Electric: Wesley Aharoni
Key Grip: Ryan Silver
Audio Engineer: Liz Robson
Assistant Engineer: Anthony Culpepper
Mix Engineer: Bakare Michael
Mix and Master Engineer: Mike Tucci
Truck PA: Herbie Finn Bailey De Vos
Set PA: Patrick Amirbehboody
Management: Elizabeth Sobowale, Ola Fowosere
Extra: Tyler Lazalere, Zoë Montano, Dionte Goodlett

Producer: Bobby Carter
Video Producer: Michael Zamora
Audio Mastering: Andie Huether
Animation: Kaz Fantone
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Josh Rogosin, Joshua Bryant, Maia Stern, Ashley Pointer
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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Видео Adekunle Gold: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert канала NPR Music
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