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How Starlink Will Change The Internet

Like many of us, you may have laid witness to some bright strings of light shooting across the night sky recently. Shooting stars? Orchestrated drones? UFOs perhaps?

While any of those things would be equally as exciting, chances are, what you were really seeing was Starlink – the satellite constellation being constructed by Elon Musk and his budding team at SpaceX.

So, what exactly is Starlink, and why is it projected to bring in around $30 billion of yearly revenue by the year 2025?

Simply put, Starlink is a 'satellite internet constellation' being constructed by SpaceX, Elon Musk's famously ambitious aerospace company.

A satellite internet constellation, or mega constellation, as it's also known, is a network of satellites that work together in unison to bring us internet access.

The firm is working towards building a network of 12,000 satellites, to provide high quality, affordable internet to essentially the entire planet

There are currently 420 Starlink satellites in orbit today, 300 of which were sent up between January and May of 2020 alone

How Starlink Will Change The Internet

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