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Tesla's 5 New Ingenious Projects To Drastically Change The World

Representing 5 Ingenious Projects from Tesla That Will Drastically Change The World For The Better
0:00 Intro

01:39 Tesla’s Robotaxi Network
Tesla aims to achieve the fifth level of autonomy and has been installing a full self-driving computer chip in all its vehicles to give owners access to a Robotaxi network, which could provide significant revenue for the owners.

04:02 Battery Tech

Tesla’s battery research team in partnership with specialized companies acquired by Tesla is working on developing a battery cell with improved chemistry, so the battery will have more energy density, last longer, and be cheaper to produce.

08:32 Affordable Tesla

The most affordable Tesla car with an estimated price tag of $23K-$28K might appear on the roads in the upcoming years. It promises to be a real game-changer.

10:08 Autobidder
Autobidder is a real-time trading and control platform, which is used to better and more directly monetize energy storage assets, like Tesla’s Powerpacks, Powerwalls, and Megapacks. Besides, It also creates an opportunity for the vehicles to be connected directly to the grid. This will provide drivers with an extra income, which in addition to Robotaxi’s revenue could pay the vehicle’s acquisition and other costs by itself.
12:05 Tesla Van

Tesla might soon develop a new electric van with a futuristic design for the purposes to use in Boring Company’s tunnels and why not on roads. It can seat up to twelve people and their luggage with an ability to serve more than 10 million people per year.

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