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The Paca ( With Narration)

The Paca is a large nocturnal rodent of the neotropical rainforest. It feeds on seeds,fruits, leaves and roots. To get the necessary bacteria to digest leaves and roots the paca will eat it's own feces. The preferred habitat is primary forest along a stream where it digs a den with two entrances. One of which is covered with leaves and is used as a secret escape route. A wide variety of sounds are produced by a large jaw bone. They mate for life but spend the night in separate dens. Pacas usually have only one young a year so they do not withstand pressure from poachers. Of all the wild animals in Costa Rica the Paca has the most delicious meat. Illegal hunters pay hundreds of dollars for hunting dogs that sniff out the Paca. While being chased by their natural predators like a Puma or a idiot with a gun the Paca will dive into a stream and hide underwater.

Видео The Paca ( With Narration) канала James Wolfe
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